Designated Driver Only Rates

Napa Wine Tour Driver

If important to you we are TCP licensed and insured. TCP 31148 B

6 Hour wine tasting tour 7 days a week $45 an hour with a 6 hour minimum. Napa & Town of Sonoma only

4 Hour Wine Tasting Tour Monday thru Thursday only $200.00. $50.00 an hour for overtime hours.

If you have more than 5 in your vehicle it is $50.00 an hour.

If you need services like a taxicab go to and use the the app for on time services.

If you do not have a smart phone or Iphone you can book on your home computer, cell phone online at


We will come to San Francisco for &50.00 an hour with a 6 hour minimum and drive your car. $70.00 extra for travel time, bridge tolls and gas. You have to provide parking and proper insurance on your vehicle. If you have more that 7 people it will be $55.00 an hour. We only pick up at the residence, hotel, B&B,  or motel you are staying at. We do not pick up at wineries or other places and leave our vehicle. Most winery gates close as we cannot get back in. Question: How do we get back? 

If we pick you up in one city at the place you are staying and drop you at another place you are going to stay at in another city there will be a charge for us to get back to our vehicle. Cab Fare plus the hourly driving time. Minimum 1 hour. This is a credit card, cash price after the deposit. Deposits are mandatory. We provide a bottle of cold water for every guest in your vehicle. 20% Gratuity is always added to the total.

Any designated driver has to be able to sign on as a additional driver and please note we only work with 5 renatal car companies in the Napa Valley. They are Hertz, Enterprise, National, Budget, and Avis. In any event you have to have insurance on your vehicle already.

Itinerary’s are required. The traffic and road crews are always a concern in Napa & Sonoma Counties. We like to have it at least 24 hours the day before so we can check the roads before we start the tour. I am sure you will appreciate it not sitting in the backseat of your car wasting your vacation time waiting for the flagman or pilot car. But we cannot guarantee that surprise’s will not happen.

The final invoice can be paid by “Cash, or Credit Card”.  If you pay by credit card 3% will be added as a service charge. Also you will be required to give us your cc information if needed to submit to our financial institution.

If you cancel within the 72 hour cancellation period the whole tour is due and payable and will be charged to your credit card.  You can only cancel by phone to live person to properly ensure that your tour is canceled. By using the booking page or contact page  you agree to the terms above and on our website.   707 681-8934. At the end of the Wine Tasting Tour we have the Square card reader for Credit Card processing. We charge 2.75% to use credit cards. No checks.