Company Policy

Company Policy 72 & 30 day Hour cancellation Period

If I take your credit card information that means you have agreed to the 72 hour cancellation period. If  you are using a designated Driver. If you cancel outside the 72 hours that is fine there is no charge. For our vehicles it is a 30 day cancellation period. If you are inside the 72 hour or 30 day cancellation period we will charge your credit card the full amount of the Service that you ordered if you cancel. Please keep in mind that we only accept phone calls only, not text messages or email cancellations.  That number is 707.294.0007 to cancel. Again all Bookings inside the 72 hour & 30 day cancellation period cannot be canceled.  If we do the itinerary on any tour and you cancel in or out of the 72 hour cancellation period there still is a 50% non-refundable charge for the work it took to put the tour together. Please remember that communication is the key!  once inside 72 hour cancellation time itineraries cannot be changed. There are lots of reasons. Mainly because Wineries have set times! Especially during or near a weekend. You are welcome to change the itinerary yourself. All you have to do is let us know in writing by email that you are going to be responsible for the itinerary.  If we do the itinerary, it will be given to you after 72 hour cancellation period.

Credit Cards Information & Charging

We require a credit card to book your tour or services. We protect your information and all info is kept at the office. We do not carry your credit card info with us.  On the day of your services with us we will run your credit card with a swiping device, Paypal, Square or the office equipment. Our choice! If we have no internet at the time of settling up the charges, wrong card information we require that you let us take take a picture of the original card or another card to verify that everything is correct. The pictures are taken back to the office and run your credit card for the amount charged on the tour. This is not an option this is a requirement for our protection and to verify your info. We reserve the right to Check your card for validity. Or Process the Card at any time inside the 72 hour cancellation and even the day before your scheduled tours. Then the information is deleted.

Company Policy on Itineraries

Itineraries In General

We only work on itineraries if we have a Tour booking with every guests.  A lot goes into itineraries. Type of wine you like. Where you are staying. How much you want to spend. After the itineraries are done we do not release them until 72 hours of the tour date. this is a $150.00 value. But f you leave us a great positive review the Itinerary fee goes away. This practice with itineraries works really well. We have had many cancel after the itinerary was made and hired someone else.

Please, for the protection and safety of all my guests and driver safety it is a requirement to have an itinerary when coming to the Napa or Sonoma wine country. It is your responsibility to get the itinerary to us and we need it a minimum of  24 hours in advance of your tour date preferably by email first or by calling by phone 2nd. Please no texting because it is to unreliable.  Changing starting time is allowed if it is before 24 hours in advance of of Pick up date. We cannot be responsible for late planes, other guests of yours, or poor planning on your part, or levels of communication.  Like all of our guests we make up our schedule the day before and try to adhere to it.  Once we get the pick up time it is strictly adhered too and that is when the clock starts. Especially if we get the pickup time inside the 24 hour pickup time requirement. Main reason for this is because the driver will already have the pickup, time, run sheet and we may not get any messages to him or her in time. We have found that this is the best practice for everyone. Please remember when you are giving your credit card information for winery reservations and you cancel there may be a cost for the cancellation. Please do not be mad at our Company policy. It is here to help make your special day spectacular!!!

We can help you plan your itinerary if you need one.  Please do not drop your itinerary in our lap last minute and expect miracles. If we do please do not complain about the outcome. Most wineries are very busy everyday of the week. Some wineries are closed on Saturdays & Sundays.  It is advised 2 weeks in advance to get the places you want to go to. Inside 2 weeks we charge $40 an hour to do your itinerary if you have previously booked your tour with us. Things we need to complete your itinerary are as follows. 1. When & where are you arriving in the Napa or Sonoma Wine Country.  2.  If you have made some appointments please let us know!!  3. It is suggested that because of ever changing traffic conditions that you consider tasting in a 10 mile area for tasting and save time from Driving around.  4. We are not going to go out driving around and look for places to go especially after normal  business hours have expired.  The only way we can help you is with correct information.

An itinerary should have as follows for Driver services.  Place you are staying for pickup and drop off, and is the same place we park our vehicle to come back to that evening. Reason is we have no way back unless we take a cab at your expense.  We need a complete list of wineries or places you want to visit. There are places that we charge extra to come and get you located Here.  If you want to go to a another place let the driver know the place and there is a good chance we have been there. I reemphasize that it is very dangerous here trying to cross roads. Please remember it is your wine country trip,  but, If you ask me to make your itinerary and cancel the itinerary that you ask me to make without discussion your changes I will charge you for my hours for my wasted time or do not change the itinerary. This is if you cancel your wine country trip. One more item that should be noted. If you want me to do the itinerary that is good. I will be mutually understood that we do not research the costs associated for wines or cost of tasting fees. If we do it is $50 per day  for research.

Sonoma and Napa County roads are some of the most dangerous in the state for accidents and traffic related deaths.  Especially in the Wine Country. The following link is information that is provided by the Vital Signs of CA. The job of the driver is to get you there safely and not to be looking for places to go while driving or hey lets go here instead without any research. The driver  can pull over safely park to do research no problem.  This is especially for wineries. No company knows where all the wineries are. There are new wineries popping up all the time.  We reserve the right to use gps because things change with some places and did not know something that has happened to that particular place you want to visit. You certainly cannot be upset over trying to keep you safe. If you do not like our selection after 5 pm we are sorry. Not many wineries or tasting rooms open.

Residence Information

The information you provide has to be accurate, city, correct address, phone numbers. In the past we have had guests give us the wrong city and address to circumvent the pricing that reflects the actual place they are staying. VRBO and AirBnB all give the city at a minimum and that is the correct info to be giving us. We need to have the residence address a maximum of 72 hours in advance. Please do not call us purposely and give us wrong info.


We are very good at communication and will make every effort to find you when you arrive in the wine country. Lots of places in the wine country do not have cell service. Most places have phone service inside the residences. So make sure you get a hold of us if you do not hear from us by 8pm to confirm you place your staying, your itinerary,  and other needs or concerns you may have.  If you have email at the place your staying you probably have phone service.  Or go to an area where you last had cell service and check your messages. We have probably have been trying to connect with you. With all due respect, please remember that we cannot guess when you arrive in the wine country. Our methods of trying get a hold of you are as follows. Telephone call first two times leave message once, Then email. Then try the hotel you are staying and leave message. We do not text because of it being unreliable.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfer information is the responsibility of our guests and our guests only. Since we did not book the airline flights and are not privy to your emails. You are responsible for letting us know your flight status if it changes. There is an additional charge for the time we spent waiting for your flight to come in beyond the original time given to us..

Wine Tours Services & Hours Used

Wine Tours are 4, 6 & 10 hour minimums.  All wine tours are continuous. No Splitting of hours. This is whether or not you use all of the hours or not and the whole amount is due at the end of the tour day. When you sign your paper work please circle cash or credit card. Payment by either Cash or Credit card at the end of the day only.  Credit card cannot be used for the cash price. If you do not have enough in cash it will be charged at the credit card rate for the balance plus gratuity of 20%. If paying cash it is up to you to confirm the amount of money paid to the driver. There will be no changes in pickup time & rates inside 24 hours of your scheduled tour.

Drinking Responsibly Is Your Responsibility

We want everyone to have a great time while in the Wine Country. So be aware of your surroundings while tasting wines. If you are hurt getting in and out of a vehicle while on a wine tasting tour you will hold the driver of your vehicle or our vehicle and/or Napa Wine Tour Driver Company, or any Sub-Carrier owner, and employees harmless and non-responsible for your actions in any event. Ladies & Gentleman we reserve the right to cancel the tour and charge your card in full for bad behavior after we return you too the place you are staying. If you buy wine we are not responsible for it. Please secure your wine while you are in the vehicle. If you throw up or damage our vehicles there will be a $1000 charge for cleaning up the spoils from being sick.

Handicapped Guests & Guests in General

Even though we are sensitive to everyone’s needs, we are not required by law and insurance to do anything other than drive. The handicapped are welcome as long as they can get in or out of the vehicle without our help. Or with other guests help. For insurance purposes the driver cannot help that person other than an emergency situation. This is for your vehicle or our vehicle. We cannot be responsible for anything that happens to this person or the persons trying to get them in and out of the vehicle. We are kid friendly!! But you are responsible for your children as you know including bringing the proper seat for the child and securing it in the seat in the proper manner. It is your vehicle but the child cannot be left in the vehicle for the driver to babysit. Please do not confuse driving for babysitting when using our service.  We must know in advance that you are bringing children from the time you book your tour with us. If we decide to book your tour you must take your children into the winery with you. If you do not adhere to this your tour will be cancelled and your credit card charged.

Rental Vehicles & Guests

You are responsible for your vehicle.  We are responsible for driving it only and have insurance for driving you only. In our learning curve of being a driving business that we do not drive vehicles that have non-standard things on the windows, including and not limited to crayons, markers, paint, signs on windows’. It can impede the vision of the driver. AKA also known as blind spots. We will ask you to have a clear field of vision to drive. Please do not ask us to go an get you these materials for you to put on the vehicle. We will not get involved in any decision regarding marking your vehicle’s. You should ask the rental car company if you are allowed to do that. In the wine country there is 5 million people that come here every year. Most are drinking and driving. Nothing tells law enforcement faster that people are partying faster than writing on the windows or sides of the vehicle. If we are stopped you will be responsible for a fixit ticket since you rented the vehicle and anything else if there is any problems. Here is the relevant law. California Law Vehicle Code Section 26708.

We May Use Sub-Carriers

Most of the year is busy and we reserve the right to use sub-carriers that are TCP licensed and there vehicles are insured to drive you on your tour. We reserve the right not to have to explain this to any of our guests.  We also hire other chauffeurs to keep up with the demand as needed.


Minors are allowed under the following conditions! 1. If the law requires special seating you will have to bring it and secure it. 2. Also anyone under the age of 18 can never be left in the vehicle while you are tasting, eating or whatever period. Sorry, We are chauffeurs, not baby sitters. 3. If you bring the wrong seating equipment for your child, the child cannot go. If you cancel the tasting because of this issue inside the 72 hour cancellation period your card is charged for the full amount.

Drivers and complaints.

All our drivers if any are licensed and have good driving records and have been checked with the DMV. If there is a problem with a driver and it needs to be addressed immediately please call.  Your driver is there to make your day flow. If you do not think they earned there gratuity please do not give it to them. Please call 707-294-0007.Our paperwork and website speak for us. That is why we make you sign paperwork before you start drinking unless you cancel your reservation. Any false information, arguing about giving credit card information or charges will resort in the police or sheriff being called.  We will let the authorities settle settle the argument. Information in part about the law below.

CHAPTER 8. False Personation and Cheats [528 – 539]

  ( Chapter 8 enacted 1872. )


(1) Any person who shall knowingly make or cause to be made, either directly or indirectly or through any agency whatsoever, any false statement in writing, with intent that it shall be relied upon, respecting the financial condition, or means or ability to pay, of himself or herself, or any other person, firm or corporation, in whom he or she is interested, or for whom he or she is acting, for the purpose of procuring in any form whatsoever, either the delivery of personal property, the payment of cash, the making of a loan or credit, the extension of a credit, the execution of a contract of guaranty or suretyship, the discount of an account receivable, or the making, acceptance, discount, sale or endorsement of a bill of exchange, or promissory note, for the benefit of either himself or herself or of that person, firm or corporation shall be guilty of a public offense.

{The above was copied from the penal code section of California Law!)

Airport Transfers

Airport transfer information is the responsibility of our guests. Since we did not book the airline flights and are not privy to your emails. You are responsible for letting us know your flight status if it changes. There is an additional charge for the time we spent waiting for your flight to come in beyond the original time given to us..