License & Insurance

Napa Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour Driver

Licensed by TCP #31148 B

License & Insurance Information Click Here

Go to Passenger Carriers Click on the blue link that says ” Search for a list of  other Companies to see if they are licensed

Type in Carrier ID:  31148 B  Click on Submit and our information will pop up.

While you are hear I have a question to ask you.  Will you know who is driving your car around for you or are they licensed drive for one.? Do they have a criminal record? Just because a Designated Driver tells you they have a Drivers License, it does not mean it is a valid drivers license. Ask for a current print out of their drivers license from the individual before you hire them. Offer too even pay for it. If the person declines too get a print out it speaks volumes.

We are not saying that all designated drivers are bad. Most a really great drivers and really nice people. But! There are a few bad apples. If an non TCP unlicensed driver gets in a wreck with you car or rental car you possibly could be left holding the bag and could possible be a financial nightmare. Ask yourself ” What am I Saving”

Basicly what we are saying is to hire a Licensed TCP Carrier by the Great State of California. CPUC says it is a requirement.

Companies with a California TCP license, have submitted all the information required to be a legal Entity. If their is a change in their drivers license status it will reflect here by a possibly losing their TCP License. All TCP License holders are required to keep their insurance current or there TCP License is suspended.