Designated Driver Only Rates

Our Services-Drive Your Car Only

6 hour Wine Tasting Tour Chauffeur is $40 an hour. We have a 6 hour minimum. This is for Napa County and the Town of Sonoma only. If you have more that 5 it is $45 an hour. 

4 Hour Wine Tasting Tour Chauffeur is $50.00 an hour driving your rental car in Napa & the town of Sonoma only. 5 hours minimum Friday & Saturday & Sunday only.

We also serve the following areas: Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Russian River area  Cities on hwy 101 in Marin County. Call for pricing. 707-294-0007

Drive Your Car Only 6 Hour Wine Tour – (5 passengers or less)

Drive Your Van Only. Please read.

6 Hour Wine Tasting Tour Chauffeur with a Class B license is $65.00 an hour driving your 12-15 passenger van.  Less that 10? Or use our vehicles. Class B licenses are required in California to drive anything over 10 passenger vehicles including the driver! If you do not use us check you driver for the day drivers license for a B license and make sure the company has a TCP License also. Also 1.5 Million in insurance is required. We have to purchase insurance or use our vehicle. No company can drive it with out a TCP license, 1.5 Million in insurance and a Class B if over 10 people including the driver.

Need More DD Hours? DD Vans call for pricing. 707-294-0007

10 Hour Wine Tasting Tour Chauffeur is $350 cash  driving your car.  . This is for Napa & Town of Sonoma only Monday thru Sunday.

10 Hour Wine Tasting Tour Chauffeur is $400.00 for Kenwood, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Russian River, Healdsburg, Main County. This is driving your rental car.

The 10 Hour Wine Tasting Tour is a great deal to include a driver for dinner also. Nothing can beat seeing the driver and your car ready to go when you are. All 10 hour tours are continuous. You can do more for less!!!!

Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Guerneville,  to Healdsburg $45 an hour plus 20% gratuity, 6 hour minimum.

San Francisco please use OUR VEHICLES page. All other cities like San Rafael, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Healdsburg, Windsor, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Heladsburg or other towns/cities in Marin & Sonoma County will be $45 an hour for 6 hours for designated drivers. 10 Hour Tour $400.oo cash in all other cites or towns. .



Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within the 72 hour cancellation period the whole tour fee will be charged to your credit card.  You can only cancel over the phone by speaking with a live person to ensure that your tour is canceled. By using the booking page or contact page  you agree to the terms above and on our website. If you give us your credit card info it nullifies the confirmation email but email will be sent anyway. If you book inside the 72 hour cancellation you cannot cancel the reservation.

Drive Your Car Only 6 Hour Wine Tour – (5 passengers or less)




























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